Kenwood Food Processor

Kenwood Food Processor Multi Pro
Kenwood Food Processor Multi Pro

I had an old Kenwood Food Processor which was my Mum’s, it was about 25 years old and still going strong, until I decided to grate mozzarella cheese in it (don’t try this, it’s lethal to food processors).  Just before I tried to grate the mozzarella, my mother in law told me that hers tore apart when she tried grating cheese.  I didn’t pay much attention and moments later my trusty appliance was alive only in my happy memories.

Kenwood food processor juicer

Fortunately this disaster struck a week before my birthday.  Cliff bought me a bright shiny new Kenwood Multi Pro Compact Food Processor.  As I opened it he said that he was sorry that it did not include a juicer (there is no mention of the juicer inside, on the box), well lo and behold it has the juicer and so much more!  I absolutely love the replacement.  In the 3 weeks since I got it I have made lots of juice, used the blender for pancakes & pureeing tinned tomatoes.  I have used the dough blade countless times to make butter icing and to make the biscuit bases for cheesecakes.  I haven’t even used half of the functions yet and am more than happy.  To go back to the juicer (I’m a fresh orange juice fiend), I previously had a stand alone juicer (now given to my daughter) and it was good, but this one is so much more effective, it gets all the juice out of the oranges and just a few oranges fill it up, it is so powerful that a litre of juice is made in 5 mins.  What a wonderful husband I have!

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  1. Yes you do have a wonderful hubby – Kenwoods are the best. After years and years of asking and getting a couple of other mixers I was given a Kenwood chef for my birthday two years ago. Believe me if anyone one tries to make you believe it is not the equipment that makes the cake but the baker, then let them come see my baking. Everything I made was a flop until I got my Kenwood. Although I don’t bake often I use it almost every day for chopping grating etc

  2. very informative and helpful. Keep up to good work

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