Lloyd Cole – threads of his music in the symphony of my life

This poem was written after going to a Lloyd Cole concert in Jo’burg.

I first heard the music of Lloyd Cole in the 80’s when living in a commune called ‘Fools Court’.  Memories of that time are happy ones edged with sadness since we drifted apart.  I wish that I could find those old friends.  Sadly one member of our commune was murdered.  Nick was a big teddy bear, always cheerful and good-natured.  He worked at a company which was targeted by a right-wing organisation who sent a parcel bomb which he opened during the apartheid years.

I met my husband on an internet dating site almost 10 years ago.  Before we met in person we exchanged a few messages, I had been looking for the Lloyd Cole CD ‘Rattlesnakes’ at the time we struck a deal that I would bake him a batch of choc chip cookies if he gave me his CD.  The CD now lives in our shared collection.

Well enough preamble, here’s the poem, not one of my best, but sentimental to me

Fancy That
I’m standing here now
Who would have thought
This day could be
My misspent youth
A trial of error
The common thread
Lloyd Cole and me

In times of darkness
and illumination
In times of joy
and of pain
There always was a Lloyd Cole lyric
To hang my mood
In a fitting frame

Fancy That
I’m finally happy
My dear husband
at my side
Now I understand
Why the path to now
Had to be the scenic ride

Lloyd Cole wrote a song Forest Fire, this link to my poem with the same title

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