Meeting friends halfway at Marula’s Cafe in Westville

My freind Dominique with her son Tom
My freind Dominique with her son Tom

Friendship is about meeting half way.  Friendship is not about what I can get from another but about what we share.  It is the space where memories are born, experience is gained and new thoughts are birthed.  It is the dynamic interaction between individuals which transcends and transforms the mundane.  Seeing the world through the eyes of another, expands my mental horizons.  Geographically I have moved away from many friends.  Sadly some links of steel have turned to rust, salted by neglect or carelessness.

Marula's Cafe

Last week visiting Durban (home of my youth, and heart), a highlight was the opportunity to reconnect with friends.   Visiting Durban I stay with family in Umdloti on the north coast.  Many friends live in Pinetown and other inland areas.  On Tuesday I arranged to meet Dominique (I named by eldest daughter after her).  She suggested meeting at Marula’s Cafe in Westville, it was the perfect venue.  We were able to chat and catch up while my children played in the lovely play area under the trees.  There and then my son Fjord decided that his new favourite food is toasted cheese and bacon.  I remedied my caffeine deficiency with a cappuccino which hit the right spot.

Marula's play area
Marula’s play area

The following day I knew exactly where to suggest meeting my school friend Jola.   It was a delight to be back at Marula’s , exchanging thoughts, memories and ideas.  The years fell away like autumn leaves as friendship entered a new season.

Discovering Marula’s Cafe now provides me with a future venue to meet friends half way in the physical world.  Where meeting with kindred spirits leaves me nourished in every sense of the word.

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  1. True friends are few and precious – so glad you had this time.

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