Mein Heim – Serendipetous stop over

On our way to Cape Town from Johannesburg we stayed at Mokala National Park which was beautiful.  On our return trip they were fully booked.  True to form we had not booked accommodation in advance.  Driving toward Kimberley Cliff reminded me of the lovely place where we stayed on our Honeymoon adventure trip 8 years ago, but we could not remember the name.  As we entered Kimberley I suddenly remembered the name Carrington.  I did a quick search on my cell phone and found Carrington Lodge , we drove straight there.  At first we were disappointed that they were also fully booked but the lovely owner / manageress Christine told us that they had a cancellation at their guest farm Mein Heim which is just 18km outside the town.  It was absolutely perfect!

Mein Heim room

We started a fire for a braai, after being in the hot car the children were delighted to cool off in the pool just outside our room.  The room was fitted with air conditioning and the children were in a separate room where they settled happily.

Mein Heim pool

The farm is peaceful with horses and stables on the property.  We loved the camel thorn trees, the clear night sky and koppies.  Apparently there are also some game animals on the farm.  Christine and her husband had only moved in 3 weeks earlier.  Not only was it a perfect stop over but they are the ideal couple to run the place, they are so warm and friendly making us feel welcome and comfortable.  Often people in the hospitality business fall short of the key word in that term, this couple epitomise it.

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