Moonlight and stars alleviate insomnia


The ethereal calm of moonlight diffuses the sharp edges of the day.  On Sunday night Fjord (8) was plagued with insomnia, despite his bedtime rooibos and chamomile tea which usually does the trick.  I tried something different and it worked wonders.  I took him outside and we lay on a blanket together.  Clouds luminous with moonlight scudded across the starscape, crickets chirped, the cool air soothed heated bodies and minds.

As we lay there I felt tension leave Fjord’s body and his breathing changed to a peaceful rhythm.  After a while he asked to return to bed.  Within 5 minutes back in bed, he was asleep.

I believe that this worked for a few reasons.

  • It was hot and stuffy in his room.
  • Lying in the same spot for hours TRYING to fall asleep, anxiety rose, moving from his bed to outdoors broke the negative thought cycle.
  • Looking at the heavens is very calming.

Aside from overcoming insomnia, we shared special bonding time.   I too enjoyed the mentally restorative experience, those moments under the moonlit sky ended up being the highlight of my day.

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  1. What a lovely thought. And you have inspired him to look upwards. I think you are a nice Mom.

  2. Such a lovely way to get Fjord to relax and then sleep. It is the small things, like lying under the stars bonding that are just so special. No fancy gadgets or expensive outings can ever compare with the quiet solitude of nature and outdoors.

  3. You are such a wise woman and a cool mom. I haven’t done that in ages. And I haven’t done withmy kids yet. A great idea to bond during the last few weeks of good weather.

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