Secret centre Cranberry Cupcakes, delicious and healthy

cranberry cupcake


Cranberries are jewel pretty and packed with goodness.  These super fruits contain vitamin C and powerful antioxidants.  I always knew that they are excellent in dealing with UTI’s (I’ve tried and tested this successfully) but research is now showing that they can also play a role in cardiovascular health.  When Ocean Spray, sent me a few samples, my baker’s brain immediately hit the playground.  What can be better than sneaking a portion of your 5-a-day requirements into a tea time treat.  I adjusted a rooibos cupcake recipe and these cranberry cupcakes are delicious.  Next time I may include cranberry sauce in the secret centre, that would pack in even more goodness and the red colour would look pretty.

The Ocean Spray cranberry juice is far less sweet than other brands which I have tasted and I love the fresh taste, particularly good when mixed with soda water.

cranberry cupcakes



220 g sugar

3 eggs

240 g flour

10 ml baking powder

2 ml salt

125 ml oil

125 ml cranberry juice

GANACHE (Secret Centre)

100 ml cream

90 g white chocolate


1 cup icing sugar

± 30 ml cranberry juice

chopped cranberries to decorate


Preheat oven to 180° C

Place paper muffin cups in cup cake tray

Whisk sugar and eggs

Sift dry ingredients and lightly fold into the egg mixture, alternating with cranberry juice and oil.

Spoon batter into the lined hollows until ¾ full. Bake for 20 – 25 mins or until done.

Leave to cool


Heat the cream and chocolate in microwave jug for 1 min, stir until melted

Cut out the centre of each cupcake with an apple corer or sharp knife, fill with a tsp of ganache


Stir the icing sugar with cranberry juice until soft but not too runny.

Spread over cupcakes and decorate with chopped cranberries

Another wonderful use for cranberries is to make these delicious and healthy Pecan and Cranberry rusks.

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  1. I love to use them in biscuits and throw them into the kids cereal.

  2. I love Cranberry Juice, not only because of the health benefits but mostly because it is a refreshing drink. I have never baked with cranberries, but I am bookmarking this recipe to use in future, because they sound and look delicious

  3. Oh this looks good! I love cranberry juice with soda – I love the sourish taste

  4. A lovely desert. Mix cranberries with water and sugar. Simmer till sugar dissolved. Cool mix with whipped cream and full cream yogart and put in fridge for a couple of hours. Yummy and so pretty!!

  5. What a lovely recipe for cup cakes. Will definitely try. Thanks

  6. Cranberry juice is my favourite. I love the tangy taste. These look absolutely yummy. Saving this recipe for future reference.

    Thanks for sharing Sula.

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