Today I must have heard a bit of a pop song on the radio, I have no idea what the words were but I walked around singing something to a similar rhythm and made up my own words.  So here is a love poem to my husband written to the tune of something that I’m darned sure he would never listen to.   Not my deepest nor most intellectual work but it is kinda fun.


I love you morning, noon and night
I love the way it feels so right
I love the touch of your hand
and the way you understand
I love you morning, noon and night

I love that your love isn’t blind
I love the contours of your mind
I like the way you think things through
I like all the things we do
I love you morning, noon and night

I like the fact that you’re no fool
that you will question every rule
I love that you won’t bow to wrong
that I’m right where I belong
I love you morning, noon and night

I like that you dance to your own beat
and the fact you’re not a sheep
I like the questions that you ask
and that you don’t wear a mask
I love you morning, noon and night

I love the way we keep it real
that it’s not just how we feel
I like the way we work things out
and there’s never any doubt
I love you morning, noon and night

Later the same day ….. Trying to find out what tune was in my head led me to an evening on YouTube and it could either be Something I need by Ben Haenow or Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth.  If you listen to the first 40 seconds or so of both songs the tunes are absolutely identical.  I like both but it’s crazy how similar they are, it feels like one of them is breaking a law of sorts.  I now remember watching an interview with Gotye and he said that sometimes when he hears a song he recognises a keyboard pre-set, I wonder if that’s the case with these 2 songs.  Not very original

The next day – I asked if others found the songs similar and this is the reply from my dear friend who is a music teacher “Ok I’ve just listened to the beginning of both songs four times each and can say that if I was the one who wrote either one of those songs I’d be suing the other for plagiarism. There is a slight variation in the third phrase but not enough to save any of my kids who composed it at school. They are essentially the same melody and one has plagiarised the other.”

And still later the next day – It seems that Ben Haenow’s song Something I need is a cover of the One Republic song and from when that was written and when Charlie Puth wrote his, it seems that young Charlie Puth was strongly influenced knowingly or unknowingly by One Republic


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  1. I love it. What a beautiful description of your beautiful man.

  2. Suls, that is really lovely, what tune were you singing this to?

  3. What a lovely poem and tribute to your hubby and I love Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth

    • Thank you Dianne, the plot thickens my daughter said that she thinks the song that I hummed to her is ‘Something I need’ by Ben Haenow. Now that I listen to both the first bit is identical

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