Waterhole sunset

I’m married to a “Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride” kinda guy.  This is most evident when we are on a road trip.  If there is a choice between a tarred national road and a windey, windey dirt road.  The latter will win hands down.  In most cases I appreciate his way.

sunset windmill

Long ago we found that the direct route from Johannesburg to Cape Town through Bloemfontein is downright horrible.  If anyone knows of well priced, half decent accommodation in Bloem please let me know, we never found it.  This time we travelled home via Tankwa Karoo National Park and Kimberley.  This was our third stay at Mokala National Park outside Kimberley and every time we love it more.  Sunset lit our arrival at Mosu Lodge, the bushveld and red terrain, glowing with a holy light.  The celestial fire generated a deep gratitude for the gift of life and the blessing of living in Africa.

mokala buck Mokala toad mokala tortoise mokala warthog mom & babyMokala waterhole Red Hartebeest playing in the mud

Mokala pulses with abundant wildlife.  This may change to a degree when predators are introduced.  Our chalet (1A) overlooked the lit waterhole, we watched antelope quenching their thirst from the comfort of the bed in our room.

Mosu Restaurant

Travelling a very long distance to Mokala this time meant that self catering was not a viable option.  On our last visit we stayed at Lilydale Lodge which is self catering although a restaurant caters for breakfast and lunch.  The restaurant at Mosu Lodge is well priced and the standard of the meals is high, we thoroughly enjoyed our supper.  The menu includes an excellent selection for kids too.

As with Tankwa Karoo National Park, we wished that we could spend more time at Mokala.  The red dust surface of the experience barely scratched.  Leaving we felt that we were abandoning a beautiful book half read, its tale barely told.  The trip home from our 2 week holiday was our richest time on vacation.

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  1. I love these glimpses you give us of different parts of the country. Such beautiful pics!

  2. You are blessed to be married to the “Life’s a journey” kind of guy, at least you will always know that you your life will always take the scenic route! Love your posts! Looking forward to the next one!

  3. Love your vivid descriptions! Such great writing…

  4. this post made me very homesick! My hubby is exactly the same – at least we know life will always be an adventure.

  5. These images are beautiful!

  6. We will be in Mokala Friday / Saturday 3/4 March, for the first tiem staying al Lilydale.

    Is the restaurant still open for breakfast & lunch ?

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