Poem – Mother and Father (My Hirsch’s competition ‘entry’)

Hirsch comp

Oi, I’m getting old.  I got all excited when I saw a poetry competition advertised by Hirsch in Boksburg, but me old eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, didn’t see the age 5 – 8 bit.  Anyway yesterday while sitting in the car while the children were in swimming lessons I wrote my ‘entry’.  although I cannot enter, it was good to give thought to how much I appreciate my parents.

Mother and Father

Mother you always

Open your arms wide

Mother you’re the one who’s always on my side

You listen and you care

You always understand

When I’m lost or lonely

You’re there to take my hand

Father you’re the rock

We have built on and have grown

You are the forest

And the mountain of stone

Father your peace

Is the river and the sea

You’ve carried us in safety

Through changing scenery

Parents you don’t hear enough

The gratitude I feel

Or the deep eternal love

Ethereal and real

Without you I’m nothing

and never would have been

But with you we fulfill

A destiny and dream


Now I think I should sit Fjord down and see what he does with the topic, be nice if he could win us a bed.


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  1. Beautiful poem – pity about the age group 🙁
    Do your children have your creative talents. I left a comment on one of your older posts saying that your family is so creative – I meant talented. You are not alone in the aging frustrations 🙂

    • Thank you Dianne, you are always so kind. My eldest son Heath writes poetry (rap lyrics), at his age he is way ahead of where I was at the same age. Domi has very creative ideas and thinks out of the box. With Fjord and Acacia it’s hard to tell yet. Fjord has got bored with crafts and loves his Lego and Meccano most. Acacia loves to draw (not only on paper :()

  2. I’m sure if he is your son those creative juices will flow 🙂

  3. This poem is stunning.
    Hope Fjord makes you proud with his one.

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