Reviving the inner child at Stellenbosch Toy Museum

Acacia wanted to capture everything on camera

My children have done their fair share toward turning me grey.  Nagging them to eat.  Breaking up fights over nothing.  Despairing that they can turn a room to a nuclear fall out zone in 0.3 seconds.  Those parenting moments can age one considerably.  On the flip side among innumerable joys, they present opportunities to play.  They tear dust covers from forgotten spaces in the heart.

My favourite, piggy back piggy banks 🙂

The Toy Museum in Stellenbosch is not vast but for an hour or so we were lost in a forgotten time.

My Dad constructed a board for our model trains, it was lowered from the garage ceiling on pulleys when we wanted to play.  I remember the scenes which he created, sawdust coloured green for grass, a mirror for a lake glued onto the board and other miniature wonders.  It was thrilling to put R5 in the slot and watch the trains whizzing around.

The room of miniatures was awe inspiring.  The tiny details truely wonderful.  Each tiny item a work of art.

Acacia was given make up for Christmas which was carried in her backpack at all times. Jo had to apply some at the botanical gardens

After the museum, lunch was enjoyed at the Stellenbosch Botanical Garden with Fjord’s Godmother Joanne who shared the day with us.  After the fun had at the Stellenbosch Toy Museum I must search to see if there are others in the country.

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  1. The Toy Museum looks awesome and sounds like you all had a good time. I don’t know of any Toy Museums around but there is a place in Florida that has miniature steam trains on a Sunday. I don’t know if you have ever been there and I was quite shocked to see on TV the other day (On Carte Blanche I think) that it is still going. My boys loved going there when they were little because there are “coaches” that you ride on and the steam trains pull the coaches.

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