Standing in the waterfall, blessed family re-union time at Birdsong Cottages in the Drakensberg

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When Domi married Duncan last year, she amazed us in planning the family accommodation and every related detail.  All we had to do was pay our share and pitch up.  The result was an unforgettable family time.  This year we wanted to experience a similar family holiday and asked Domi to find a suitable place and organize it.  It had to be somewhere between Jo’burg and Durban which allows dogs.  She found units 9 & 10 at Birdsong Cottages in the Champagne valley area of the Central Drakensberg which was absolutely perfect.

We had hoped that it may snow during our visit.  Snow fell 2 weeks earlier and was still visible on mountain peaks when we were there.  

We had hoped that it may snow during our visit.  Snow fell 2 weeks earlier and was still visible on mountain peaks when we were there.

On our trip to the berg, the audio book of the first Famous Five book ‘Five on a Treasure Island’ entertained us.  The story revolved around treasure on a small island which the five access by row boat.  The children were ecstatic when we went to the little dam at Drakensberg Sun and hired a row boat on which we rowed to a tiny island.  The cousins  couldn’t wait to hop off the boat and explore their very own treasure island.

Exploring their very own treasure island
Exploring their very own treasure island

At the start of the holiday, I felt something akin to anxiety.  A desperation to catch and hold every fleeting moment, aware how ephemeral life is, and how paths can change.  Domi and Duncan are planning to emigrate to Canada, and who knows what lies in store for the rest of us.  These times together are rare and precious.  Negative feelings then gave way to pure pleasure, when I stopped trying to cup a waterfall in fearful fingers, and chose to stand in the flow which showered with abundant blessing.


During our stay we went on walks and hikes or just chilled together.  I do hope that we can enjoy another family holiday within the next year.

IMG_0113 me heath mum cliff rowing Domi and Amelia Dad Chalotte SarahIMG_0228

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  1. It looks like you al had a lovely time. When our Mom is here please let us know then we can all get together and also Dom I would love to see her again and we will bring Courtney with, then I want to place a order for some goodies when I see you then.

  2. Sorry I meant to say your Mom

  3. Absolutely precious times – every moment

  4. Looks like a lovely getaway! Must have new so precious and I totally get that wanting to hold on to each moment!

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