Stars and vacuums – poem

It’s not deliberate but each poem since the loss of Bowie has been inspired by him.  My aunt Carmie sent a link to Lorde’s performance at the Brit awards, where she sang Life on Mars.  Not over familiar with her music I continued to listen to more, then wrote this

Stars and Vacuums

Do you see what I see?

Do you get what I mean?

Did you touch the stars tonight?

See the climbing bird in flight?

Do you sense

that it’s not alright?

That the white, is far too bright

All the vacant eyes

take in all the lies

While the plastic god, ever multiplies

Will you take my hand?

because I’m lost

There’s a hall of mirrors

and a wasteland, to be crossed

Feed me Elliot and Bowie

till there’s space for nothing more

Then row with owl and pussycat

there must be another shore


These are the links to my other Bowie inspired poems Beyond Words and Music and Shine on Blackstar

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  1. I just love this poem so much.

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