Sun City from the 80’s to now a timeless getaway.


It’s that time of year again and I am weary to the bone.  This post about Sun City  is my first paid blog post for MyScoop, looking at pictures and refreshing my memory of the leisure activities at Sun City has left me wishing that we were packing off there for a weekend right now.

I have very special memories of Sun City, from my teen years to the 1st night of our honeymoon.  My aunt Maeve worked with Sol Kersner as his PA from his first venture at Beverly Hills Hotel in Umhlanga until he moved overseas.  Maeve developed a customer service program for Sun Internationals 28 hotels in the 90’s, then managed that program as the customer services executive for 4 years.  I was always in awe of Sol Kersner, he was not one for cutting corners or taking cheap shortcuts, when he did something he did it with attention to detail on a grand and breathtaking scale.  It was clear that he would not compromise on quality or service and his commitment to those principles filtered through the organisation.  As a teenager Maeve took me and my best friend to Sun City, we felt like princesses in a wonderful kingdom.  Maeve even took us to Raffles disco at night as a gentle chaperone.  Another enduring memory was the magnificent breakfast buffet,  waffles and fresh strawberries for breakfast, pure indulgence.  Reading some guest reviews now I smiled to see that the breakfasts remain a highlight.

Our most recent visit was the first night of our honeymoon which was a wedding gift from Maeve.  Our only regret was that we chose to only spend one night.  One night was not enough to experience a fraction of what Sun City has to offer.  Cliff who is an avid gardener loved the gardens.   Of course the breakfast was divine!  Despite wishing that we had stayed longer it was the perfect start to our married life together.

Now with two small children I know that they would love the Valley of the Waves, Predator World, a ride on the Stimela steam train and putt – putt.  Perhaps we could leave them to have supervised fun at Kamp Kwena for a few hours while we sample the wares of the micro brewery at the Maze of the Lost City.   Pilanesburg Game reserve which hosts the Big 5 is on the doorstep of Sun City, Cliff no doubt would go for a game drive.  Whilst I love wild animals, I would more than likely opt to relax with a cocktail and book at the beautiful swimming pool.  The Bird and Tree walk through the Cascades Gardens would be a lovely family activity.

I have only mentioned a fraction of the many activities available at Sun City, ah a weekend visit would be amazing, I’ll put it on the 2014 wish list.

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