The crowning glory of Rustic Cottage at Oribi Gorge

Oribi Gorge rustic cottage flat crown

The giant flat-crown, crowns my memory of Rustic Cottage at Oribi Gorge.  Her limbs a tapestry of wood and light.  A marriage of permanence and elusive elements.  At sunset her dark silhouette stood firm against sunset’s fire.  What tales she could tell at our campfire.  She who has seen countless seasons, she is memory and she is now.

Oribi Gorge Rustic cottage bedroom Oribi Gorge rustic cottage dining room

Rustic cottage is a converted old 4 bedroom farm-house which sleeps 8, the wooden floors breathe warmth and history.  It is perfect for a family gathering where all can enjoy the tranquility and space.  It is neither posh nor pretentious but has the air of home.  If you don’t mind chipped bath enamel and a little wear and tear you will be more than happy.

Oribi Gorge hiking trail view

Oribi Gorge Oribi Gorge Spider Oribi Gorge hiking trail Oribi Gorge brown butterfly Oribi Gorge blue butterfly Oribi Gorge Berries

Several hiking trails lead you into the beauty of the gorge, they are not very well marked and we got a little confused as to which trail we were on.  It fills my heart with joy seeing the children enchanted by a shongololo or spiders web, the small details which make life big.

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