The Invention of Hugo Cabret – Book Review

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The Invention of Hugo Cabret is more than a story, it is a work of art.  Writing and sketches flow in a living stream.  The reader / observer is carried through 500 odd pages in a few short hours.  Transported into a world of magical imagining.

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Between the pages, true history and fiction align, clicking together like lock and key, opening portals to new dimensions.  Fictional Hugo interacts with the real historical figure Georges Méliès, a magician and prolific pioneer film maker.  Reading the book prompted unwrapping layers of history reading more about this man and watching clips of Georges silent movies.

Despite my delight in the book, one or two things jarred just a little.  Unless I’m missing something, Hugo did not invent anything, he restored the invention of Georges Méliès.  Maybe my interpretation is off the mark and the title reflects that he invented a few future for himself.  The writing style is well suited to the young adult audience which the book is aimed at.

Next I plan to watch the movie ‘Hugo’, which slipped below my radar despite garnering 5 Oscars.

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