Winters Drift, travelling through time and tasting wine in Elgin

Winters Drift Tasting Station

The setting of Winters Drift tasting station, puts the wine’s best foot forward before a sip is taken.  Train stations are imbued with an air of romance and a sense of adventure.  I had never heard of Winters Drift wines before but we noticed that they have notched up some impressive awards.  We particularly loved the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir which stood out as exceptional.

Winters Drift Elgin Station Winters Drift ticket office tasting Winters Drift Wines

The tasting room in the old station ticket office is adorned with unique antiques.  A clock belonging to the farm’s founders stands behind the counter, its hands frozen in time at 7:03 (the farm dates back to 1903).  This same clock features on the wine labels.

Winters Drift Suitcases Winters Drift telephone

The farm’s founding Molteno brothers left no heirs.  Their assets were left to a trust which plays a significant role in social upliftment which benefits the local community and many worthy institutions including schools, universities, gardens and the Kogelberg Nature reserve.

On the tracks of time, the legacy of these brothers takes new passengers to new horizons.  Fruitful lives plant seeds for tomorrow.  This story is about so much more than fruit and wine.  It is about cultivation, continuity and giving back.



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