Windows and Doors

Today’s writers bootcamp exercise did not  come easy, but they got me writing and that’s what counts.  There is no wheat without chaff.  The topic today is Windows and Doors.  I started out writing prose but it was not working so switched to poetry.

Some People are Windows, Some people are Doors

Some people are windows

gazing  through glass

Invisible barriers

inhibit free pass

Locked without

or locked within

Psyche trapped

in self wrought prison

Some people are doors

Which slam in life’s face

Wooden and angry

Locked in place

Others are doors flung open

in welcome

Sharing their feast

or very last crumb

Just to show the cramped creative process, I will share the failed prose which I started with and ditched in frustration :  Some people are windows.  Some people are doors.  Both groups have sub categories.  The window people who look out and those who look in  The outward looking long for what is out of reach.  They lack the ability to cross invisible inner barriers to experience life in its fullness.  The inward looking window folk focus more on their inner worlds.  They lack the insight to see that the self looses its shine when treated like a spoiled child.  Eventually the glass collects dust and ego becomes imprisoned, a pacing madman.


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  1. They are both so good, but if I had to choose the poetry would win

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