Writer’s Bootcamp, ‘I just couldn’t live without …’

Today I came across Writer’s bootcamp and wanted to play, was surprised that this was written in about 15 mins.

I cannot live without music
The very pulse of life
The blood and the blade
which cuts like a knife
I cannot live without harmony
The magic which it weaves
The stuff of reality
and the stuff of dreams
I cannot live without the beat
The stirring tribal drum
Which calls us to communion
where we are
from where we began
I cannot live without the melody
The voice
and the notes
Transporting to a space
Where spirit soars and floats
I cannot live without the lyrics
Which resonate within
completing inner circle
Where the artist ends
I begin


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  1. You are such a talented lady Sula

  2. Don’t sell yourself short – you are very talented.

  3. Even if I read that backwards it makes sense. How beautiful!

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