Bilton wine estate

As often the case, our decision to visit Bilton Wine Estate was driven by the children’s play area.  We have previously tasted and purchased Bilton wines at the Joburg Wine Show, but that was several years ago and we have never visited the estate.  Cliff did a full tasting and I took sample sips from his glasses.  The ‘Sir Percy’ was the unanimous favourite in our group of 3.  Cliff and Al both bought Matt Black and Sir Percy.  The 2008 Matt Black had the coolest skull and crossbones label.  Al also bought the Cab Sav.  Overall the wines were very special.  We shared a platter of yummy Dalewood Fromage cheeses, of which the green fig and Cape Chilli Bries stood out in my memory, although all were good.

The children not only enjoyed the play area but also explored between the grape vines and looked at the two stately old cars.

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