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Pretoriuskop camp at Kruger National Park

The swimming pool at Pretoriuskop camp is part rock, pity it was more than a little bit chilly After 2 nights at Berg en Dal camp we spent our last night in the Kruger Park at Pretoriuskop camp with Dad. This time there wasn’t a single unit for us to stay together, we were split between rondavels 20, 21 and ... Read More »

Berg en Dal camp at Kruger National Park

Dad with the children at Afsaal picnic site The best thing about experiences is who you share them with. Last weekend we visited the Kruger National Park and Dad was able to join us. Our first 2 nights were spent at chalet 47 at Berg en Dal camp in the southern area of the park. There is an excellent walking ... Read More »

Riemvasmaak hot spring pools in the Northern Cape

On our January trip to the Northern Cape, we spent a few hours at Riemvasmaak hot spring pools. Way up near the Namibian border off a beaten track near Kakamas this little gem lies hidden like a Tolkeinesque parallel dimension. The running of this nugget of eco tourism and conservation is entrusted to the local community. On a previous trip ... Read More »

Red Sands Country Lodge and braving the new world of travel

I feel a little guilty writing about going on a lovely holiday to the Northern Cape, at a time when many are struggling to put food on the table.  At the end of last year Jonathan Jansen posted a question on social media.  I can’t find it now, but to paraphrase, he asked if people would be going wild Christmas ... Read More »

Special not spooky Ghost Mountain Inn

The word ‘Inn’ always hooks my imagination.  Preceding it with ‘Ghost Mountain’ is utterly Enchanting.  On our trip to Gugulesizwe we broke the drive with an overnight stop.  Despite an array of choices in the proximity of Mkuze I could not be swayed from my fixation on Ghost Mountain Inn. Children under 12 stayed free which is very welcome on ... Read More »

Gugulesizwe in Maputaland

Every day at Gugulesizwe in Maputaland held wonder, as we flitted between two worlds.  The sandy bush veld, home to extraordinary insects, marvelous golden orb spiders and even a rarely sighted Mozambique Shovel snout snake.  While snorkeling the ocean revealed eels, blue spotted ribbontail rays, and a wonderful reddish octopus who danced through the water to look pulsating out at ... Read More »

Beauty and Bonding in Ottawa

It’s bitter sweet going through my Canada holiday pics.  I miss Domi even more and want to go back.  One of many special times was a day in Ottawa, (they live in Arnprior just outside Ottawa).  We explored the old town section of the city and enjoyed bagels for breakfast. Domi was bleak that we didn’t get to visit the ... Read More »

Old me in New York

The golden rule of momentous holidays is ‘You can’t go back’.  You can’t relive the past.  In New York there were moments when I felt sad, revisiting places associated with giddy highs.  I almost had to convince myself that this was a completely different place to the NY visited more than 2 decades ago.  In most ways it was.  Stifling ... Read More »

A 7 hour layover in Germany, a fleeting visit to Mainz

My world has shrunk over recent years.   Vast ideas have given way to petty thinking.  The thrill of dashboard lights aglow at night, replaced by fear of night driving.  Seeking out stimulating events, with views on broad horizons; replaced by staying home.  Why?  Age plays a part.  Having no child minding family near at hand, plays a part.  Fear, plays ... Read More »