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Week ending 6 June 2021

The week was blooming cold, with maximums not over 14 deg C, Gauteng is not for sissies. Poor wee rain spider out of place and out of season in our kitchen Brought home this little jug from pottery, unfortunately this jug does not pour as well as it should, good pouring is normally one of my potting super powers One ... Read More »

Sewing and Scouting, week ending May 30th 2021

Simplicity leggings pattern 1076. Making leggings or pants with an elastic waist should take about an hour. These were more than 4 hours in the making. My thread kept breaking and they were so baggy that I took in the seams a few times. Then I folded the waistband too deep which had to be unpicked and resewn. Next time ... Read More »

Carlilas Dancewear shop in Boksburg Gauteng

This is a very short post just giving the number and address of Carlilas Dancewear shop in Boksburg. Acacia needed new ballet tights and I forgot where the shop was, our ballet teacher and my freind also no longer had her number. The shop which sells dance shoes, leotards, tights and accessories is at 77 Holly street, van Dyk park ... Read More »

Almost done with May 2021, online diary to 24th

Hmm it didn’t feel like much has happened in May and the days sort of slide into eachother. The most touching thing about Mothers day was this canvas print of my favourite poem, The Red Wheelbarrow from Heath. Teatime was served with bits of mostly broken tea sets. Cliff bought this lovely Arzberg set on bid or buy. Just hope ... Read More »


After watching one of many videos inviting people to “Roll up their sleeves” I was struck by the sexual undercurrent to the campaign for vaccination. The more I thought about it the more metaphors screamed for attention. I had flashing mental images of ladies of the night in sultry positions lifting fabric to expose flesh. These images also brought to ... Read More »

Witsand Nature Reserve in the Northern Cape

The recent heavy rainfall led to a desert in bloom. What a privilege to be there and experience Sula´s lesson for the day, mapping apps are not always your best friend. The scouting motto to ´Be Prepared´ is all encompassing and should be borne in mind when traveling. Getting directions to remote destinations before heading off is highly advisable, once ... Read More »

Soaps and scouts week ending 2 May 21

Slowly slowly we get closer to the parquet flooring being completed and having a livable lounge again Acacia making soap from first principals, she chose this as her personal challenge for her leaping wolf cub badge and hopes to complete the necessary steps before her 11th birthday in just over 2 months Quite rustic looking but despite appearances, the first ... Read More »

Slow cooking and new flooring our week ending 25 April 21

I’m not going to waffle much about this week, the pics sum up what we’ve been up to. Made this sgraffito mug for Cliff Acacia decorated this mug with under glaze After living with a concrete floor for many months at last the parquet flooring is being laid. Cliff had quotes for this to be laid but was not prepared ... Read More »

2 weeks ending 18 April 2021

In the past week I’ve had 2 family visits over and above Cliff’s parents who have been here for 2 months staying in the outside cottage. It was a bit of a squash and a squeeze when my brother and his family spent a night with us but was wonderful to have them here. Mum was here for a brief ... Read More »