Week ending 7 Nov 2021

Our current audio book is Pyramids, I’ll start with a quote from that. “The role of listeners has never been fully appreciated. However, it is well known that most people don’t listen. They use the time when someone else is speaking to think of what they’re going to say next. True Listeners have always been revered among oral cultures, and prized for their rarity value; bards and poets are ten a cow, but a good Listener is hard to find, or at least hard to find twice.”
― Terry Pratchett, Pyramids

Our chilli collection must now be complete, we bought 5 plants from Afterburn Grow. Paula is so friendly and helpful, they really have a passion for what they do. I’m most excited about the Fish Pepper and Clavo Peach. We also bought a Bhut Jolokia Caramel, a Thai dragon and Red Peter Pepper
We almost missed out on using our Hyperli voucher for a tour at Mapatiza. The children loved it and were trading gem stones on the way home.
6 November was National Nachos day, one of Fjord’s favourite foods. I can’t wait to have home grown peppers in my salsa
Fjord can’t resist detaching the pipe from the mist fan and playing with it. He put Shadow in a crate and filled it with mist

I came across the song below via a Telegram Channel. This song by a Christian band is unique, the style a kind of cross between Reggae and Rap

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  1. Was that a mine you visited, sounds interesting. Your chilli collection is amazingly, so exciting.

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