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After watching one of many videos inviting people to “Roll up their sleeves” I was struck by the sexual undercurrent to the campaign for vaccination. The more I thought about it the more metaphors screamed for attention. I had flashing mental images of ladies of the night in sultry positions lifting fabric to expose flesh. Skimming Stones | Sula’s Blog ... Read More »

Suicide note

I’ve taken Twitter off my phone after looking too much at #coronavirus.  I follow someone called Harry Chen PhD, of course this is the internet and he/she could be a spotty teen with a computer anywhere in a world full of fake news but much of the content seems legit and is way scary. A video recently posted stuck in ... Read More »

Tell me Now – Poem

Last year I didn’t bother to enter the Avbob poetry comp as in 2017 I submitted 2 poems, both rejected.  This year I remembered it at the 11 th hour, started writing this at 10.30pm and submitted it an hour later.  My entry must have been one of the last in.  Anyway it too was rejected so I can put ... Read More »

Rain – poem

If anyone can give me a better title for this poem please let me know.  It was written in a record marathon when I wrote 4 poems in about an hour. RAIN To live is to stand In a storm Arms outstretched Feel the sting of awareness Face upturned to meet the tears Of clouds without linings Forced to release ... Read More »

Freedom – Poem

This poem could also use a better title, another from the 4 in quick succession session FREEDOM When I stopped being Who they wanted me to be Who I thought I ought to be Who you would be more comfortable around I lost my way a little Then found that There needed be a path To the place Where I ... Read More »

Parenting – Poem

PARENTING Freedom is not an eagle gliding It is not release from bars, or chains It has nothing to do with space or confinement The key To unlock my liberty Is your forgiveness For the times I was not who you needed me to be For the choices I made Or failed to make Which altered your course From a ... Read More »

Claustrophobia – Poem

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sula (@sulaskimmingstones) I love people, enjoy company and delight in stimulating conversation.  None the less family time over the festive season, no matter who with tends to rattle me.  It’s really hard being in other peoples homes, not wanting to feel underfoot or do anything that will irritate my hosts and ... Read More »

If I could write words – Poem

This time Joanne gave me the title of an existing poem as a prompt to write my own, and I didn’t click that she’d chosen the title of a Spike MIlligan poem.  His book Small dreams of a Scorpion, inspired me to write poetry. IF I COULD WRITE WORDS If I could write words Unspoken those shapeless thoughts which move ... Read More »

Night – poem

I’m not managing a poem a day but continuing with picking a poem title and writing somthing with the same title. NIGHT Shadows fall gently Rough edges blur The blanket of darkness covers all Embracing Uniting Soul moon rises Summoning tides Casting silver path over black waters Whispering There is always a way   The title of this poem came ... Read More »