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After watching one of many videos inviting people to “Roll up their sleeves” I was struck by the sexual undercurrent to the campaign for vaccination. The more I thought about it the more metaphors screamed for attention. I had flashing mental images of ladies of the night in sultry positions lifting fabric to expose flesh. These images also brought to mind the complex nature of pleasure / pain fetishists.


Your screen is like a window 
On a street in Amsterdam
Lusting eyes lock with yours
She doesn't give a damn
  She lifts her sleeve
 As she would raise a silk skirt
 Or unclip a suspender
 She’s cruel as the ocean
 Then suddenly tender
 “Let’s play master and servant
 doctor and nurse
 Bite on the pain
 It can’t get worse
 Let’s play Russian roulette
 Chase the numbness away
 Let’s live on the edge
 It’s time to play"
 Take her hand  
 Touch her skin
 She knows your desire
 Surrender’s orgasm
 Will feed her fire
 She promises wings  
 A soaring way out
 from shackles and walls
 don’t waver
 don’t doubt
 Hitch up your sleeve
 and close your eyes
 Flesh yearns for penetration
 Welcome the hypodermic thrust
 The sweet sting of flagellation
 You’re panting for climax
 To feel that fluid flowing
 The needle’s your answer  
 Desire trumps knowing 

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