Unplugged and connected tranquility in Mabibi

This may be a travel record but I must still start with Pratchett quotes, we listened to I Shall Wear Midnight on audio book while driving. I love these books so much, they are very funny and contain pools of eternally reflected wisdom.

“Roland was staring at Tiffany, so nonplussed he was nearly minused.”
― Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight

We spent our first night at Belvedere Game Lodge near Jozini in Pongola. It was getting dark when we arrived which unfortunately meant that we did not have time to explore much.

We have grown to love the nugget of the South African coastline, just below the Mozambique border. We have stayed at KZN Parks accommodation in Kosi Bay. Rocktail Camp, which has sadly been closed for a while. Gugulesizwe in January 2020. We also stayed at Mabibi camp in 2018.

There are 3 rustic chalets at Mabibi Camp, seeing that we had unit 10 again felt like coming home.
The saying “Happy as a sandboy” couldn’t be more true. Fjord spent hours playing in the sand
One of the best things about holidays is how we have time to focus on the small things, although this moth was a very big, small thing
Fjord remembered that allegedly Cliff and I had many naps last time we stayed at Mabibi. This time we had 2 naps and the children made sure that they had photographic evidence.
A primary reason why we love this area is that the snorkeling is amazing and of course being Vaalies we love beach time. This trip was not sun and sea weather, it was grey, windy, rainy and often quite chilly. I managed to snorkel twice. When we did snorkel we had fantastic sightings of Octopus, scorpion fish and a multitude of wonderful fish species. Naturally on the day which we left the sun came out and shone good and proper.
more small things. I love the way these little birds run at high speed along the beach sand
Fjord spotted this formation and said that it was a perfect diorama of the Ramtops in Pratchetts Discworld.
We take a route through Phinda Game reserve when we travel to and from Mabibi. Always see lots of game on the drive.
We stayed at Ghost Mountain Inn on the way home. This is one of Acacias favourite places. What I found most touching and remarkable was that a man who I think is a chef there noticed that Fjord did not have a waffle from the breakfast buffet. When he commented we told him that Fjord has an egg allergy. A little while later he returned to tell us that he had found a recipe for egg free waffles and if we were staying another night he would make this for Fjord. We were leaving that day but he said that if we return to just let him know in advance and he would make sure that Fjord had something special. No matter how wonderful buildings and places are nothing compares to goodness and kindness. Reason beyond all others to return.
A koggelmander in a tree at Ghost Mountain. Funny coincidence was that we stayed in room 20. Same room out of 50 that we were in last time

I’ll end with another quote from our audio book, which we finished an hour before getting home. “Your power is only rumor and lies, she thought. You bore your way into people when they are uncertain and weak and worried and frightened, and they think their enemy is other people when their enemy is, and always will be, you—the master of lies. Outside, you are fearsome; inside, you are nothing but weakness. Inside, I am flint.”
― Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight

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