Week ending 12 September 2021

Lets start on the right foot with a quote from Sourcery which we finished listening to this week. “They suffered from the terrible delusion that something could be done. They seemed prepared to make the world the way they wanted it or die in the attempt, and the trouble with dying in the attempt was that you died in the attempt.”
― Terry Pratchett, Sourcery. Today we started the next story Wyrd Sisters.

It is in my nature to go through slightly obsessive stages. I set my heart on growing blueberries. First we found a plant at Plant Ranch but it was over R200, so didn’t buy it. Cliff then found me one for R129 at a nursery in Pretoria. The label said that they fruit best if planted with another variety. A few days later I found plants for the same price at a branch of Checkers, they have a few different varieties but it seems I may have bought the same one. Then yesterday we went to Hardy Plants and they had plants not much smaller for just R50. That one gave no indication of variety. They grow to about 75 x 50 cm so space may become an issue. We also had to buy acidic compost for them.
I have an ever growing list of businesses which we boycott. We won’t drink Coca Cola after the stupid be less white malarky. Cliff discovered Boer Cola, the product is not widely distributed but he found a stockist in Kempton Park. BC is really good the flavour possibly better than Coke.
Years ago we bought a candy floss machine to make candy floss to sell at a school entrepreneurs day. The machine was not suitable for mass production but a few times a year it is taken out and played with.
Sometimes I don’t know why I persevere with certain things. Carnivorous plants are the most finicky difficult plants to grow but I keep trying. Our previous venus flytrap died, I think it didn’t get enough sun. We bought this incy wincy little VT at Village Garden Nursery, which is close to Hardy plants in Brakpan. It was R139 so I really hope that it survives. At least buying a baby it should adjust immediately to the position where it will grow.
This platter is the nicest thing that I’ve brought home from pottery in a while.

Mum and I visited my aunts in Sandton. It was good to spend a morning out and seeing them. More and more I appreciate quality time with people. Isolation has been a terrible thing.

Today Fjord does his Grade 2 music exam, I had better get on with a few chores.

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