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2nd Week in Canada up to 28 Feb 2021

There is always something to do, somewhere else to be, multiple demands on attention. Quarantine for 14 days in the home of Domi, Duncan and baby Paige (who also had to isolate as soon as I arrived) has to be the most ideal time to have quiet quality time. Thankfully in 2019 I had a grand adventure visiting Montreal, New ... Read More »

International travel in a locked down world

Eerie vibes at OR Tambo International airport In February last year I was battening down the hatches, drawing into the corral of my home and wanting nothing more than to hide from the tidal wave of an unseen enemy approaching. Before the government imprisoned us in our homes I would not allow family to visit if passing through any airport. ... Read More »

What a week ending 14/2/21

Oh my goodness what a week this has been, I have been up to my eyeballs in red tape and stressed to the max. Still it ends well, I’m packing for Canada and after jumping through umpteen hoops I will meet my first Grandchild little Paige Lilly who was born on 18 December. About a month ago I was tempted ... Read More »

Traversing the Kalahari in flood January 2021

The green kalahari like very few get to see it I could write a string of cliches about our 7 hour trip on flooded Kalahari roads during which we progressed all of 97 km toward Augrabies from Red Sands Country Lodge. It was all about the journey. The planned destination of Witsand Nature Reserve eluded us. Despite plans being thwarted ... Read More »

My week ending 7 Feb 21

Whew the children are back at school.  They went back on 12 January for a week, then were forced to go online again for 10 days.  They prefer physical school to online learning, they miss their friends and a measure of normality. Levan Polkka must be the worst ear worm ever, but Fjord so loved the Kiffness video that although ... Read More »

Chaos and Order, right and wrong

At the children’s insistence I am reading The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan, the books are woven around Egyptian mythology.  Central is the concept of Ma’at (order in the universe) and Chaos. I write because I love language, word play and it is a medium through which sometimes in golden moments I feel part of something bigger and better outside ... Read More »

Zuck off WhatsApp, Hello Telegram and Signal

I’m not leaving Whatsapp due to security issues (apparently they’ve already violated my privacy).  I’m leaving because I can. In 2020 mindsets shifted dramatically.  Fear motivated the world to surrender freedom.  Never in history have so many been so powerless.  I’ve had enough of being treated like a delinquent child.  I’m a responsible adult.   Governments have controlled and tried ... Read More »

Puppies (Acaciaś first blog post)

We got a puppy from a lady in Pretoria. She is a salt and pepper minature schnuzer. for a day or two we didn´t  know what to name her, but soon we named her Shadow .We named her Shadow because she follows me a lot, and she is dark. Shadow is a pure breed and she is healthy, but when ... Read More »

Gugulesizwe in Maputaland

Every day at Gugulesizwe in Maputaland held wonder, as we flitted between two worlds.  The sandy bush veld, home to extraordinary insects, marvelous golden orb spiders and even a rarely sighted Mozambique Shovel snout snake.  While snorkeling the ocean revealed eels, blue spotted ribbontail rays, and a wonderful reddish octopus who danced through the water to look pulsating out at ... Read More »

Why I’ll probably vote Purple Cow (ZACP) on the National Ballot

First off I must state that I am in now way representative of the ZACP  (Purple cow party).  They don’t even know that I exist. I will try to structure a shamble of thoughts, around this topic.  The birth of COPE got me very excited and involved in politics.  I believe that if they had capitalised on the tremendous positive ... Read More »