Simple Leg Warmers knitting pattern

We recently listened to Wintersmith as an audio book. The Nac Mac Feegles are among my favourite litary characters ever. Their word for leg warmers is Skuggers

Acacia wanted leg Warmers for ballet and this presented an opportunity to learn how to knit in the round. At first I was all thumbs and certain that I was messing it up so badly that it would be better to make them flat and sew up with a seam but I’m glad that I persevered. Like any new skill, the technique got quicker and easier as I went along and now I’m really keen to make more leggings and maybe a circular scarf. I watched a few videos to learn how to knit with the circular needle, this one is a good intro. Another nice thing about knitting in the round is that all rows can be in knit stitch and no need for purl as the same side is always facing outward while you work.

I learned to knit in the round on circular needles

I searched all over for a simple free pattern and in the end calculated how to make them by measuring against my shop bought pair.

My shop bought leg warmers have decorative buttons and Acacia wanted the same. These can be sewn on afterward


100 grams double knit yarn
4.5 mm circular needle
6 buttons (optional)

the pattern is for 3 sizes, children and adult. Age 5 - 9, 10 - 12 years old and adults. If you want to adjust the pattern, increase or reduce the cast on stitches in increments of 4 which will keep the double rib properly spaced. 

Cast on 52 (56, 60)  stitches, work in double rib (K2 P2) in the round for 8 cm.  
change to stocking stitch (worked in knit stitches) and work until length measures 30 (33, 35) cm
work double rib for 8 cm. To total length 38 ( 41, 43) cm
Cast off rib wise, meaning cast off continuing in the ribbing stitch
Sew in your loose yarn and if desired sew on 3 buttons on the ribbing 

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