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My week ending 7 Feb 21

Whew the children are back at school.  They went back on 12 January for a week, then were forced to go online again for 10 days.  They prefer physical school to online learning, they miss their friends and a measure of normality. Levan Polkka must be the worst ear worm ever, but Fjord so loved the Kiffness video that although ... Read More »

Chaos and Order, right and wrong

At the children’s insistence I am reading The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan, the books are woven around Egyptian mythology.  Central is the concept of Ma’at (order in the universe) and Chaos. I write because I love language, word play and it is a medium through which sometimes in golden moments I feel part of something bigger and better outside ... Read More »

Zuck off WhatsApp, Hello Telegram and Signal

I’m not leaving Whatsapp due to security issues (apparently they’ve already violated my privacy).  I’m leaving because I can. In 2020 mindsets shifted dramatically.  Fear motivated the world to surrender freedom.  Never in history have so many been so powerless.  I’ve had enough of being treated like a delinquent child.  I’m a responsible adult.   Governments have controlled and tried ... Read More »

Puppies (Acaciaś first blog post)

We got a puppy from a lady in Pretoria. She is a salt and pepper minature schnuzer. for a day or two we didn´t  know what to name her, but soon we named her Shadow .We named her Shadow because she follows me a lot, and she is dark. Shadow is a pure breed and she is healthy, but when ... Read More »

Gugulesizwe in Maputaland

Every day at Gugulesizwe in Maputaland held wonder, as we flitted between two worlds.  The sandy bush veld, home to extraordinary insects, marvelous golden orb spiders and even a rarely sighted Mozambique Shovel snout snake.  While snorkeling the ocean revealed eels, blue spotted ribbontail rays, and a wonderful reddish octopus who danced through the water to look pulsating out at ... Read More »

Why I’ll probably vote Purple Cow (ZACP) on the National Ballot

First off I must state that I am in now way representative of the ZACP  (Purple cow party).  They don’t even know that I exist. I will try to structure a shamble of thoughts, around this topic.  The birth of COPE got me very excited and involved in politics.  I believe that if they had capitalised on the tremendous positive ... Read More »

Week ending 5/4/19

I will get around to posting about our train ride to Cape Town which was utterly unforgettable.  Long ago I did posts about my week but got out of that habit.  I want to get back to using this blog as a journal. The morning after our return from Cape Town Cliff was picking up dog droppings in the garden, ... Read More »

Taking charge of my personal space – madam no more

5 Months ago it came to pass that I am no longer the empolyer of a domestic worker.  This has been a dramatically positive and empowering shift.  I grew up with domestic workers in the home and from then onward felt that their services were vital and indispensable.  It’s hard to imagine if I would have coped with full burden ... Read More »

Bonjour Monsieur Brel – beautiful, haunting and inspiring

Jaques Brel Alive and Living in Paris was a soundtrack to my childhood.  Even as a small child the passion of the music left an indelible spiritual imprint.  I almost forgot the music, you never hear his songs on the radio.  I didn’t know that Seasons in the Sun was based on his Le Moribond (The dying man).  The original ... Read More »