Bread maker Roosterkoek (I guess those in the north would call this BBQ bread)

Roosterkoek with pesto and cheese filling is yummy

On our first trip to the Northern Cape we discovered and fell in love with Roosterkoek, cooked over coals at a Nature Reserve. You get similar stuffed dough to put on the braai at supermarkets. I based this recipe on 2 which I found online but both used 1 Kg of Flour I combined and adapted them to make this dough which still made about 8

1 ½ Cups warm water
20 ml olive oil
15 ml sugar
5 ml salt
500 g Cake Flour
7 ml instant yeast

Place all ingredients in bread machine pan and set to the dough cycle
When the dough is ready roll out to about 1 cm thick in a rectangle (2 cm if not adding a filling) 
If adding a filling spread your filling evenly on half of the dough then fold over
cut into squares roughly the size which you want your rolls to be.  
Cook over medium heat over coals to ensure that they cook through
Roosterkoek dough with filling

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