Delighted with Imperfect service from Yuppie Chef

How very strange to be left with a smiley feeling when service has fallen a little short of the mark.  How odd to look forward to your next online shopping experience with a company when there has been a glitch.  Yuppie Chef have got customer service totally nailed, they seem to really care, they go the extra mile and that is what will keep their company growing, that is what will keep people coming back.

On Tuesday I placed a SMALL order with Yuppie Chef to be delivered to my mother at her place of work in Ballito for Mothers Day.  They are the perfect company to deal with when you want to send a gift, and they do not charge for delivery.  I felt confident that she would receive her gift in time for Mothers Day.  On Saturday I discovered that she had not received her gift yet and phoned Yuppie Chef to query this at 12h10 (they close at 13h00) on a Saturday.  It was explained to me that there had been unexpected delays with the courier company, exacerbated by Wednesday being a public holiday for our general elections.   Whilst a bit disappointed,  I accepted this and did not give the lady any flack.  5 Minutes later I received a call from Kaylee at Yuppie Chef, without being long winded she contacted the couriers and really tried very hard to help me.  She apologised with sincerity for this lapse in service.  I got the impression that she tried her best to get the parcel to Mum.   In the end she was unable to arrange delivery before Monday.  Just knowing that she tried so hard, knowing that she cared and wanted to help left me feeling good.

When Cliff came inside from gardening I told him what had happened.  He responded that Yuppie Chef seem to grasp what so many other companies don’t.  They understand that today’s small order may well lead to tomorrows big order.  When companies are snooty or indifferent (as is usually the case) with customers they inspire zero loyalty, or often chase customers away for good.  I have a list of products and companies which I refuse to deal with based on previous negative experiences.

This is the 4th order which I have placed with Yuppie Chef, on each occasion the experience left me beaming, even this time.  I’m sure that I will be back, again, and again and again.

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