Headache free Hoodie masks

I’m one of those people who has been OTT careful with Covid19, I wash and sanitize everything that comes into my house.  I wear a 4 layer mask in this pattern when I go to the shops.  My children spent 6 months at home doing online schooling.  This term we felt that it was time for them to go back to more normal human interactions and return to school.  I don’t believe the govt Covid statistics but in almost 2 months I’ve only heard of 1 case among people who I know, whereas 2 months ago I was hearing of cases and deaths several times a week.

On the1st day back at school the children came home with terrible headaches, possibly partly due to stress but definitely exacerbated by having to wear a mask all day.  Wearing a mask for a whole school day must also impact on concentration.  Because I feel that at present the Covid risk is very low I decided to make a mask which fulfills the regulations although I doubt that they would offer much if any protection against the virus.  Now the great emphasis for the children is now placed on hand hygiene when outside the house.

The children love these masks as they are light, cool and comfortable, with no elastic.  A thick mask close to the face all day in African summer cannot work.  These were super easy to make.


2 pieces of fabric – 27 x 22 cm

1 piece fabric – 24 x 13 cm (you can change the size to suit your needs)



With both large pieces of fabric together using a plate mark a curve on one corner

Stitch along the top edge curve and what will be the back seam
Turn a 5mm hem under and stitch hem remaining raw edges. I just did a zig zag stitch but you can be neater and use bias binding or roll a very small hem.
Measure about 17 cm from the centre top which will be in the middle of the forehead. Pin in place and try on if you’re not sure. Attach with a short 90 degree stitching line in the position as marked in white here
Mask complete in 15 min

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