A family reunion and stay at the Old Hotel at Curry’s Post in the Natal Midlands

Old hotel Curry post

I am so proud of my daughter Dominique, over and above planning what was a truly perfect wedding with Duncan, she planned every detail of meals and accommodation for our family.  She selected The Old Hotel at Curry’s Post as the place where we would stay.  A space rich in a sense of warmth and history.  Solid stone, wooden floors and fireplaces embraced us in a big family hug.

Paulie at work board games family breakfast Amelia reading

The Old Hotel is a place where we could simply be together, comfortable and at ease.  Despite being a rare and precious time together, never to be duplicated, it lacked the sense of urgency to ‘catch up’ which such situations can generate.  This was a time when we could simply flow together, our individual droplets merging in a river of expanded time, fluid togetherness.

IMG_5746Carmie and Amelia

With wedding preparations we were occupied with preparatory activities including flower arranging, meal preparation and decorating wedding cakes.  This all took place around the square solid wood table in the centre of the kitchen.  I would so love to duplicate that kitchen table.  It was the axis which centred us, and will remain a symbol of our sharing and togetherness.


Never have we been so well taken care of at self catering accommodation.  Guests are looked after by Victor who not only keeps the house clean and tidy but also does laundry and nurtures the lovely garden.

It was hard to leave The Old Hotel, but only great joy leaves a void, when you have to move on.

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  1. A true blessing! Looks absolutely wonderful

  2. Congratulations on your daughter’s marriage!

  3. Sounds like a lovely time. Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding.

  4. Congratulations on Domi and Duncan’s marriage. Wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness and so glad the wedding and arrangements all went off smoothly

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