Don’t wake me now – poem relating to grief

Painting by Annice Whitehead

My 2nd submission to the Avbob poetry competition has also been rejected.  Speech Bubbles was my first submission.  Still after many hours of work I felt that it succeeded in expressing the aspect of grief after a death which I was working toward.  A very important aspect of creativity is always  to remain true to yourself and not write what you think others will like.


Don’t wake me now
I see his face
I almost feel his breath
Don’t drag me into consciousness
Where all I have is less

Let me lie
in this storm’s eye
where life
rages all around
This blue skied dream
is all I need
This place where peace is found

vision only frustrates
A glut of proof
That he is gone
in all these empty spaces
how can I go on?

Don’t wake me now
he’s oh so near
I feel that he may speak
Leave this room and close the door
allow me to be weak

We the living
chained to time
bound by blood and skin
The place where understanding ends
Is where we can begin

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  1. Wow Sules, that is beautiful

  2. Beautiful! I also had two poem rejected and I think it is because of the theme “What I should have said”. I didn’t stick to it 100%

    • They did say that other poems about grief will be considered, or something along those lines. It would be interesting to know exactly what “voice” or style they are looking for.

  3. My submission was also rejected. It was only my second ever submission to a poetry contest, so I’m taking it quite hard. But I agree with you that it’s important to be true to oneself in one’s writing, before anything else.
    Also, snap! My poem also touched on dreaming about someone who’s gone.

  4. I do not believe those that have rejected this poem have genuinely experienced grief.

  5. Suls you have a heart of soft gold. Love you for who you are

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