Kosi Bay lodge, sunset cruise – precious time in another world


My Mum and brother on Maciya at Okavango swamps
My Mum and brother on Maciya at Okavango swamps

Growing up, family holidays centred around water.  From Dad’s boat Maciya, we explored and fished.  Fluid memories ripple out from a place where reflections echoed to infinity.

Kosi boat trip setting off

On present day family holidays, we do not own a boat but now and then, find ways to take to the water.  During our stay at Kosi Bay, we answered the call of the lakes and booked a sunset cruise with Kosi Bay Lodge.

Thulani Ngubane showing us a glimpse of his beautiful world
Thulani Ngubane showing us a glimpse of his beautiful world

Travel is a multi faceted joy.  An opportunity to look beyond the four walls of domestic routine.  It is also an opportunity to see other worlds, thorough other eyes.  Thulani Ngubane, wasn’t just our pilot and guide, he took us into his world, sharing his history and knowledge.

Tsonga fish trap
Tsonga fish trap

Thulani showed us the Tsonga fish trap which has been in his family for centuries, telling us that fish traps can be up to 600 years old, passed like family cattle from generation to generation.  His family’s fish trap can be traced back to his great-grandfather but more than likely extends further back through the bloodline from past to present.

Kosi boat trip KingfisherKosi Boat trip

In the channel between lakes my past and present were superimposed, creating a layered experience.  The physical setting so similar to the Okavango swamps where Maciya transported us.  The cry of the fish eagle , carried the notes of past echoes, a joy tinged with sorrow for what is gone.  A reminder that the present must always be held to the light and truly appreciated.

Kosi boat trip sunset

Returning to shore the sun painted the lake in the glorious colours of a dying fire.  I renewed my vow to experience each precious moment of life before it slips through my fingers, to rejoin all which has gone before.

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