Make your own kids or adults elastic headband

Silver trim headband flower trim headband

This is one of those craft projects which is almost too easy. I don’t like horseshoe-shaped Alice bands, they always seem to pinch the sides of the head. An elastic headband is so much more comfortable to wear. I resent paying more than R30, which most cost in the shops. These work out a fraction of the price and can be made in minutes.

What you need.

30 cm decorative trim (40 cm for adult) – There are endless options at fabric shops
15 cm elastic (7 mm wide)

What you do

Stitching done in purple for clarity
Stitching done in purple for clarity

If using ribbon or a trim which can fray, zig-zag stitch the ends and fold to a triangular point, stitch in place
Stitch the elastic to the wrong side of the trim on each end

And that quite simply is that.

30cm of trim is suitable for roughly age 3 – 10. My little girl Acacia is 4 and it fits her well

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  1. Oh that’s pretty easy to make and gorgeous, my girls will love it, thanks 🙂

  2. My daughter will love these. I never thought of making them myself but it sounds easy enough.

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