My week in Pictures 1 – 7 October 2016

The greensleeves rose bush which we bought

ludwigs-yellowludwigs-striped ludwigs-red ludwigs-pink-yellow-rose ludwigs-berry-cheesecakeludwigs-soaps

One of our favourite annual activities is visiting Ludwigs Rose Farm outside Pretoria.  The best time to go is for the first flush in early October.  It turned out that we were a week early as some rose varieties were still in bud form.  This weekend 8-9 Oct will be the best time to see all the roses in bloom.  The plus with being a week early was that we could still pick the best of the best plant to buy.  The children love the play area and the restaurant eats are delicious.

grey-water-recycling With water restrictions in place in the face of a dire drought, every drop does count.  I’ve been hauling buckets of washing machine, and bath water out onto the garden.  This exercise has taught me that the biggest user of water in our home is the washing machine, one wash cycle uses 150 L of water.  Cliff has been working on the water pipes which lead from the laundry and bathrooms, soon he will be installing a tank which these pipes feed into.  I look forward to less back breaking hauling.

pottery-pot-plant stapeliad-huernia-zebrinaThis week I brought home this pot from pottery class, it was meant to be for the cyclamen on our dining room table but was too wide and not tall enough.  It was however perfectly suited for Fjord’s stapeliad Huernia Zebrina.  At first I didn’t fancy these foul smelling carrion flowers but am now fascinated by the different plants.

playdoughAcacia asked me to make play dough.  This recipe is a real winner, the dough is smooth and it’s quick to make.

veg-tajine tajine-starter tajine-light tajine-cliff-supper tajine-camelDomi had her younger siblings for a sleepover, after babysitting while I was at pottery.  Having the evening to ourselves we went to Tajine Moroccan Restaurant in Benoni, we have been to the next door Lemongrass (owned by the same people) many times over the years.  We almost didn’t go in as it was very quiet but were so glad that we did.  The food was the best we’ve had in a long time, such unique flavours.  Like Lemongrass the decor is stunning and makes for wonderful ambiance.  We were told about street markets held at the end of every month and look forward to visiting the market soon.

Cliff was asked to bring scones to work, so I made a few extra






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  1. Way to go Sules, I do the exact same with the bathwater and the machine water, up and down watering the garden. I have a little pressie for Fjord I will give it to you at the book launch. Have a super week end.

  2. I also like that rose place we went there with Brett’s parents quite a long time ago. Thanks for the play dough recipe, I don’t seem to have a lot of luck with them!

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