My week in pictures 5/11 – 12/11 2016

Ahh after the lightning strike my week in pics took a down turn but here’s the latest.

img_1647 img_1644Not only will the chickens have a lovely new home soon but it was very special to watch Cliff and Fjord working together on this.  So much gained.  Watch this space for the finished product.

sugar-bowlThe source of marital unimpressedness.  I was so pleased to bring this sugar bowl home from pottery class.  When Cliff saw it he said “That is technically the best thing that you’ve brought home from pottery”  Then he ruined the moment adding “but why didn’t you just write the word sugar on it?  If you know that you are not an artist, maybe stick to patterns”.  Harrrummph, well I had fun and continue to do my child like painting on the things I make.

Thanks Pick 'n Pay ....... here we go again
Thanks Pick ‘n Pay ……. here we go again

prestige-white prestige-peelersRecently at a bloggers event we were told that PR people don’t look twice at “influencers” if we post something negative about a product.   Sorry I’d rather loose out on a bit of blogging fun than censor myself and this week I was seriously pissed off with Prestige peelers.  I have a rusted old Prestige peeler and although it still worked (about 16 years down the line) I decided to replace it with exactly the same type.  I used it ONCE before it broke FFS.  Since then I’ve been back to the shop twice and forgotten to take it with to return it was not expensive but the principle!  The white prestige peeler in the other pic is about a year old, I liked it but a while ago one of the plastic dohickeys holding the blade in place broke so it also needs to be replaced.  So now where can I get a half decent peeler that lasts more than a flipping week …….  can you tell I’m mildly ticked off?

moustaches moustaches-icedMy wee baking business had a massive order for 810 cookies for Movember!  The lovely lady from Gerald Grose Properties was so enthusiastic and complimentary.  I would have collapsed in a heap of cookie dough if I had tried to ice them all too, I paired up with my friend Erika from Heavy Feather and together we rocked.

be-a-star yellow-starsI am class rep for Fjord and Acacia’s classes as I like them to feel that I’m involved.  Class reps were asked to make a little something to send in as a good luck for exams gift.  I made ginger star cookies and Cliff printed the notes to go with them.  (I guess he’s not so bad after all 🙂

garden-rainWow, so much rain this week.  On Thurs we had our highest rainfall since I bought the rain gauge 2 years ago, 63 mm in one day (and night).  The week also saw some pretty serious flash floods and many cars were caught on the roads.  Still it comes as a wonderful blessing during a time when dams are still critically low and water restrictions are in place.

That’s all folks


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  1. The rain has been fabulous, but at the same time I feel for those affected by the flash floods – I get frightened just thinking about being on roads that turned into raging rivers.
    Your cookies are awesome!!!
    I have a few stickies in a vase on my desk. We never collected the first time around, but went crazy with the Checkers mini groceries and Checkers became our new favourite shop and we went and bought stuff just for the mini groceries.
    Have a great weekend (what’s left of it)

  2. Love those biscuits, busy week you had Sules

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