Piping thin lines with icing, simplest is best

Stork Custard Cookies
Stork Custard Cookies

In the past week I have made Stork Custard Cookies, 3 times.  The children absolutely love them (and so do the parents).   I also had a bee in my bonnet to find the simplest and most efficient way to pipe the outlines.  Piping the lines to fill on the cookies was a bit of a challenge.

Outlines on cookies

The first time I made a piping bag from wax paper, this was a hassle and very messy, it didn’t help that I made the bag rather too small.

PnP Cake Decorating Pen

A few days later at Pick n Pay I spotted what I thought would be a dream toy for the job.  A silicone cake decorating pen (R39.95).   It worked better than the piping bag but icing still leaked past the plunger and the top end is not very big which made filling it a bit fiddly.

Icing in zip lock bag

I made the 3rd batch today, this time I filled a zip lock bag with the water icing, sealed it and snipped off a small corner at the bottom.  This method was by far the best.  The bag being sealed at the top prevented any mess and it was most easy to handle.  Also when done I just threw it away.  This method took half the time as the other 2 attempts.  I used the same method to fill the colour inside the lines, just snipped a slightly bigger hole.  It seems that I wasted my money on the cake decorating pen but we live and learn.


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  1. The biscuits look lovely, I want to try them sometime, but baking is off the cards now – on a health kick at the moment 🙂 The icing looks so good. I cannot ice to save my life – I have no patience with piping bags. I found a syringe type piping goody at Westpack Lifestyle that seemed to work better than a piping bag, but have only used it once.

    • Ah I envy your discipline, no wonder I have a bit of middle age spread going on.

      • ha ha – I am so past middle age spread it is a joke. The discipline doesn’t last long enough to rid myself of years of comfort eating, but I have to do something now before it gets any worse.

  2. Great idea – I add a piping nozzle inside the ziplock bag – sticking out in stead of just snipping off the tip. Have only done butter type icing though so not sure how it works.

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