Red Sands Country Lodge and braving the new world of travel

View from a hiking trail at Red Sands Country Lodge

I feel a little guilty writing about going on a lovely holiday to the Northern Cape, at a time when many are struggling to put food on the table.  At the end of last year Jonathan Jansen posted a question on social media.  I can’t find it now, but to paraphrase, he asked if people would be going wild Christmas shopping in December 2020 or stay home out of sympathy or respect for those who could not afford to do so.  My response was heartfelt and urgent, those who can afford to really really should (if it’s in line with your beliefs and normal behaviour).  I loathe malls and am not a big shopper, but 2020 was the year that I saw shopping as a social responsibility.  Sadly my disposable income cramps my ability to support this lofty ideal to a greater degree.   I feel passionate about the necessity to support small and local businesses, many are in danger of closing.

Isn’t my Mungo towel a thing of beauty to behold

Among many local businesses I discovered Mungo Textiles, they are not cheap but the quality is breathtaking.  I’d rather buy one quality product that will last a very long time, than cheap crap made in China which has to be replaced regularly.  Mungo make all their textiles from scratch on looms in East London.   They had some really good lockdown specials and I spoiled myself, now I’ll keep coming back.  I digress.

The first stop on our Northern Cape trip was Red Sands Country Lodge, near the town of Kuruman in the Green Kalahari.

Our Room at Red Sands
A Kalahari shongololo
Our Children loved the friendly farmyard animals at Red Sands
I loved the light fittings in the Restaurant

On arrival we chose to swim in the sparkling pool.  In the morning between a yummy breakfast and leaving we did a short hike.  Our only regret was not having brought the children’s bicycles they would have had a wonderful time cycling in this beautiful environment.  A full day there and another night would have been great.  I’m so glad that I got over myself and set aside my paranoia about travel in a time of Covid.  Every place where we stayed went to great lengths to ensure high levels of hygiene and safety.  The tourism industry suffered dreadfully during lockdown, I consider it a patriotic duty to visit our tourist destinations.   Red Sands Country lodge was 550 Km from our home in Boksburg.





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