Smartie cookies

Smartie Cookies

I recently copied a recipe for Smartie cookies and made them for the children. I can’t remember which recipe book it was from. When I made the cookies my children loved them. After making them I realized that you can take any choc chip cookie recipe and use Smarties instead of choc chips. The recipe calls for 200g sugar-coated chocolate sweets (Smarties), I only had 90g which was almost enough. I think that 150g would be ample for a recipe making 36.

Make your choc chip cookie recipe add half sweets to the dough and mix in by hand. Roll them into cookie shapes and press the rest of the Sweets onto the outside of the cookies. Bake as normal.

Chocolate smartie cookies

Yesterday I tried a new variation, chocolate smartie cookies (the link is the the recipe which I used), again instead of choc chips I added half the smarties to the dough and pressed the rest in before baking.  I liked the colour contrast of the smarties against a darker biscuit.  Note, with this recipe link I only use 1/4 cup cocoa which is more than enough chocolate flavour.

To prevent cookies from spreading and being flat I usually refrigerate the dough for at least an hour (the kids were in a hurry with the chocolate ones this time so I didn’t do it and ended up with flat cookies but they still taste great.

Not only do children love eating fun cookies like this but it is great for them to join in with making them. At age 2 Acacia already loves tipping the measured ingredients into the bowl and turning on the mixer. In this instance they can be involved with also pressing the sweets onto the outside.

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