Word Association – Home … Soil …. Rain

I haven’t done a daily prompt for a while, this one appealed to me.

Home …. If I clicked my magic ruby shoes, where would they take me? I doubt to this house in dreary Boksburg Yes, my heart is here, my husband and my children. I have simply never gelled with the place, this town and I have never embraced. Natal where I grew up is where I feel a sense of belonging, when I visit, my soul sings “I am home”.

Soil …. I have too little barefoot time, too little flat on my back lost in stars time. In this sterile world where days revolve around cleaning and maintaining order, connection with the earth is broken, connection with my soul is broken. Fragmented I dream of walking barefoot on God’s earth, harvesting the fruits from shed selves who sought to anchor and grow.

Rain …. There is little to beat the symphony of sound when rain fell on my father’s tin roof. Natures music drowning out the sound of the TV or conversation. Reminding me that my little world was an insignificant shell, reminding me of the powers beyond my control.

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