Storms River Village, a nugget in the stream of life


Tsitsikamma in the Eastern Cape is about more than trees and sneaky elephants.  Storms River Mouth exudes a spirit of adventure, from rocks and caves befitting a famous 5 adventure to Tolkeinesque forest where trees breathe magic.  This is an unspoiled parallel universe hidden in nature’s skirt folds.  Thrill seekers hike with paddles to kayak on the river.  I wasn’t even brave enough to cross the swing bridge.

I wish that I could visit the world in my children’s heads at times like this.
The forest boardwalk at Storms River Mouth

forest-fungus dassies

In Storms River Village we spent the night at Storms River Guest Lodge.   Their gardens are beautiful and we suffered from serious rose envy.  All accommodation in the village looks lovely, visitors are spoiled for choice.  There is also a super abundance of restaurants.  We all had a very specific longing for pizza in the evening and despite all on offer this quest was in vain.  The wood fired pizza place Papa Africa had a great vibe, we liked their idea of a fixed price of R85 per pizza where you could choose your own 4 toppings, however 50% of the listed toppings were not available and we left frustrated.  I can understand fresh toppings being hard to replace quickly in far flung places but there’s not much excuse not to stock up properly on things like capers, olives, feta and pepperdews during peak holiday season.  Next we tried Tsitrus Cafe where they had the opposite problem and had run out of bases.  Eventually we had a great reasonably priced meal at Tsitsikamma Village Inn.

Pizza may have been in Short supply at Papa Afrika but how cool to discover these old mags
Pizza may have been in Short supply at Papa Africa but how cool to discover these old mags
Oh how I wish I had the means to restore this sleeping beauty
Oh how I wish I had the means to restore this sleeping beauty

One night in Storms River Village felt a bit like only having one spoon of pudding, leaving a desire to return for more.

Cliff’s latest passion is snorkeling and he can spend hours bobbing around half in the world we know and happier half absorbing undersea dreamscapes. I loved reading this piece about a honeymoon couple’s snorkeling experience at Storm’s river.



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  1. Such beautiful travels and experiences with your children Sula. I am with you on that swinging bridge, I would not be able to do it.
    Eating in far-flung “small” holiday towns can be so frustrating and you would really think that they would prepare well for the influx of tourists.

  2. Sounds quite wonderful. Lovely pictures.

  3. There are so many fun and interesting things to do in and around Tsitsikamma for example, bungee
    jumping off Storms River Bridge or hiking the numerous trails available and golfing. Tsitsikamma is magnificently beautiful. Another great advantage of partaking in all these adventurous activities is that there is a host of guest houses and bed & breakfasts available to rest. One such place I found to be of high quality was At the Woods Guest House.

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