Sudwala caves – time in earth’s womb

Sudwala caves

The Sudwala caves touch the part of me which aches for stillness and permanence.  The essence that of lying prone to merge with a night sky.  The blurred colours viewed from my daily spinning carousel numb the mind.  Only in an inert place can pure thought emerge tentatively, a tortoise braving the world outside its shell. 

The consistence of the Sudwala caves is a balm, day, night, winter, summer, the temperature remains the same, comforting as the love of a parent.

stalactites grow drip by slow, steady drip, 2.5cm every 100 years. My heart grows heavy reminded how man so swiftly and thoughtlessly destroys, can these infants in earth’s womb survive the onslaught of human destruction? My hope is that when we are dust they will persevere. Will slow and steady win the race? What are we racing toward?

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  1. I did the Crystal Cave tour, I think it was called about 15 years ago. Awesome!

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