Urchin Muse

This poem was initially inspired by the post  ‘A terrifying angel‘ by my favourite blogger who goes by the pen name of Tony.  His writing is sublime.  The funny thing is that the end product has veered very far from my initial thoughts but I guess that’s the fun of the journey. 


In my mental landscape

Urchin muse plays peek-a-boo

Wild spirit dancing to secret song

A flash of rainbowed hue

The sum of her, elusive

A mud stained cheek

A tattered sleeve

A blossom in tangled hair

A crooked smile flickers

Both with, and without care


Barefoot she scales the ruin

Of a forgotten dream

Liquid eyes reflect

What is

Pooled with ‘might have been’


On the edge of a barren mindskape

She plays beside a stream

Part shadow, part light

Part earth

part quicksilver moonbeam


I cannot tame and nurture her

Dress her in ribbons and lace

Veneer would be a death mask

Freezing her transient face








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