Tea Tree oil fixed my sore throat


For the last few days I had a really nasty sore throat, it started with a swollen gland and progressed to real pain.  I asked Cliff to look at my throat with a torch and he said that it looked like my tonsils were swollen and inflamed.  I don’t go to doctors unless I feel that something serious is on the go so ignored it as it became worse.  I then remembered reading somewhere that Tea Tree oil is good for sore throats.

A few weeks ago, my eldest daughter Domi who is a school teacher, picked up lice from her pupils.  The day before detecting it she visited and shared her abundant hugs and cuddles, I was concerned that she had also shared her lice.  She said that we should spray a mist of water with a few drop of Tea Tree oil in our hair as a preventative measure.  I bought a bottle of Tea Tree oil, did that and we didn’t get lice.

Having the Tea Tree oil on hand I decided to try it for my sore throat, I mixed 2 drops with half a glass of hot water with some salt.  I gargled with the mix before bed, the following morning instead of being woken by the pain in my throat, I woke almost 100% better.  My throat was only slightly uncomfortable, I gargled again in the morning  and then forgot that I had a sore throat.  The relief and recovery were amazing, now I know what to do next time I have a sore throat.

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