You’re the voice in my Mind – Leonard Cohen tribute

Yesterday I came across a sponsored post by Weeva on Facebook calling for Letters to Leonard Cohen with a view to presenting him with a book containing these on his birthday.  I love a challenge and I love Leonard Cohen.  I wrote this tribute to him to fit the rhythm of ‘Bird on a Wire’  and to use the song as a point of metaphorical reference.  I also started some lines with the same words as his song.  Really had fun doing this.

You’re the voice in my mind

When the world is cold, and unkind

And you showed me a way, to be free

Like a word from a poem

You’re the wave, and you are the foam

And you break on my shore, touching me

If I, if I have been alone

You were there, you gave life to stone

If I, if I have been lost

Your words were a compass, while wild oceans tossed

Like a mirror in shards

Like a fragment of  sharp broken glass

You cut deep, to the quick of me

But I swear by this verse

You freed blessing bound up in curse

And your words were the lock, to my key

I saw a kite sailing way up on high

But its sharp string cut the air with a sigh

And a bird flew, mocking me on the wing

Said my words are of lead, because I cannot sing

You’re the voice in my mind

When the world is cold and unkind

and you showed me a way, to be free



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  1. Love the contribution! Thank you so much for sharing. This Leonard Cohen tribute book has far exceeded our expectations, we’re really excited to see what he has to say.

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