The Gautrain, reason to feel proudly South African

Cliff and Fjord on a previous Gautrain ride
Cliff and Fjord on a previous Gautrain ride

Some days being South African feels bleak, crime is an ugly reality, urban decay and litter befoul potential beauty.  The fuel price is rampant and here in Gauteng we have the dastard e-tolls just for an extra dollop of misery.   Viewing images of Jacob Zuma is like waking the day after a car prang, bile rises on the realisation that reality is not a bad dream.  There is however a cure to restore joy-joy, proudly South African feelings, take a ride on the Gautrain.

Gautrain bus to Randburg
Gautrain bus to Randburg

On Friday my daughter Domi and her boyfriend Duncan took ownership of their first home.  I wanted to share the moment when the keys were handed to her.  I live in Boksburg and needed to be with Domi at their new home in Randpark Ridge at 8.30am, peak traffic time.  The best option was to catch the Gautrain.  I parked my car at Rhodesfield station in Kempton park at 7.10am, an hour later Domi met me at Brightwater Commons in Randburg.  At that time of day the trip would have taken roughly 2 hours by car.  In that hour I transferred money onto my Gautrain Gold Card.  Caught the train to Sandton, transferred to a Gautrain bus to Randburg and travelled by bus from Sandton to Brightwater Commons.

Rather than being stuck in traffic I sat in absolute peace, safety and comfort watching the mist softened landscape roll by.  Passing sections of the freeway I felt pity for those confined to cars, trapped in congestion.

The Gautrain fills me with the warm fuzzies, the day started in serenity and efficiency was perfect.  It was very special to be there when Domi turned the key in the door of their lovely new home.  Just like my morning on the Gautrain I hope that this is the start of a wonderful new journey for Domi and Duncan.

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  1. Oh my your daughter stays in my neck of the woods. Wishing her everything of the best in her new home, must be so exciting for her and you.
    Isn’t the Gautrain just awesome. I read the other day they are building one in our area, but will take 5 years 🙁

    • Ah maybe we can meet one day 🙂 I believe there is also a 5 year plan to have a station at East Rand Mall which would suit me way better than driving to Kempton

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