6th Anniversary coming up

I’m posting this mainly to do a test blog. Keen to try it out, it seems that I registered 3 years ago and forgot that I had.

I wrote this poem a few months after I met my husband. On 5th March we will have been married for 6 years.

I am grateful
That I didn’t have to wait another day
Wondering if you were real
My man from futures mists
Who stepped out of the rain
We waited so long
Never certain of the reality
Found unexpectedly
A corner rounded into this new world
When we were just walking
Heads down – a little preoccupied
Not entirely noticing
God’s hand guiding tenderly
Until you dawned on my
Dream filled world
And for the first time
I heard the clear answer
To an ill worded question
Reached and found the hand
Where mine fits perfectly
I thought I had a measure of control
But now understand
That I found love
When love found me
Worthy and ready
The puzzle fell into place
When I ceased forcing
And simply stood back
To find this wonder emerging
The picture complete

9 Nov 2004

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