Aim, FalconFire, Play

Fjord (10) and Acacia (7) never showed much interest in toy guns until their aunt gave them each a Disruptor Nerf gun.  They were an instant hit.

When a FalconFire was delivered to me I knew that it would be welcomed with glee.  I kept it hidden for a while uncertain which child to give it to.  When I handed it to a very excited Fjord I told him that he should write the review for me.  The flaw in this was that he was too ‘busy’ playing to focus on writing.  I guess with exams ending last week, he would rather run around enjoying the  toy gun, than work with a pen and paper.  After much nagging this is what he wrote :

“The Falconfire is an amazing toy, it is very good quality and the bullets are very strong.  I think that this Nerf gun is my best one so far.  It looks awesome and has very good aiming”.  Not exactly an essay but it’s about the most I’m going to get out of him.  The Falconfire is indeed very accurate and easy to aim.

If you’re looking for kids Christmas gift ideas, Nerf guns are pretty much a guaranteed winner with boys and girls.  Nerf is available from Toys R Us, ToyZone, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys, Lilliputs and other major retailers. Including

Go to the Nerf Blasters page to up your game, and your skills can win you cool prizes

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